Tessera C Knowles-Thompson is an artist based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She moved to Provincetown in 2013 after graduating from the University of Vermont, where she studied Political Science and Studio Art. Growing up homeschooled in Vermont, her love for visual art and the natural world became prominent themes early on. Tessera’s mom encouraged her to follow in her footsteps and attend art school, but instead she rebelled and began her studies in hopes of one day becoming a U.N. Ambassador.

Throughout high school and college, Tess always made sure to take at least one art class per year, but it wasn’t until her final year of college that she had an important realization: she wanted to be an artist. She completed an independent study project focused on Public Art and Democracy, and became determined to combine her passion for civic engagement and the arts.

She is an aspiring naturalist, and can often be found roaming through the woods and the dunes collecting models for future drawings. The raw beauty of nature inspires her illustrations and paintings. Through her work, Tessera hopes others are reminded to look closer, to examine the often overlooked details.

Her work can be seen at Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown and Faces Gallery in Dennis Port.